You should stop believing these 9 myths about the flu vaccine

1. The vaccine will give me COVID-19

The flu vaccine definitely won’t give you COVID-19, it won’t even give you the flu. Also, thinking that you will get a completely separate disease is quite far from the truth.

2. The vaccine will protect me from COVID-19

No, it is not true either. There is absolutely no evidence that this vaccine protects you from COVID-19. The flu vaccine can, of course, protect you from influenza, a completely different virus from the new coronavirus. That is your intention and it is reason enough to get the vaccine shot..

3. I got a vaccine last year, so I don’t need another one

The flu vaccine is not the same every year. Jocelyn Konrad, director of the Rite Aid pharmaceutical corporation, explained to NY Pilot that it is advisable to get vaccinated annually. “Flu viruses evolve very fast. That is why new vaccines are released every year, to coincide with the most common ones expected next season. That said, last season’s vaccine may not protect you from this year’s viruses”.

4. The flu shot will give me the flu

Another myth that makes people skip the flu shot. “Some people report having mild reactions to the flu vaccination. Perhaps mild fever and aches, which are mistaken for influenza. But, those symptoms are not actually the flu”, explained Konrad.

5. The vaccine will make me more susceptible to other respiratory diseases

A 2012 study suggested that people who receive this vaccine are at higher risk for other respiratory diseases. Many read this and spread the word giving that conclusion as a certainty. However, the researchers were then asked to delve into the ‘association’, and numerous studies have since refuted that nonexistent link.

6. Getting the real flu will make me immune

Some people believe that if a housemate is sick, they will probably get the virus too. Also, they think that if they catch it, then they will be immune the next time the flu appears.

7. I’m healthy, so I don’t need a flu shot

Some tend to think, “I am young and generally in good condition. So if I get the flu I will only feel bad for a day or two”. False.

8. The flu shot doesn’t even work

It can be hard to believe in the power of the vaccine, especially when someone has become ill after receiving it. The CDC makes it clear that “the influenza vaccine is not perfect, no vaccine is. However, the flu vaccine is still the best way to prevent the disease”.

9. The flu season has already advanced and it is too late to get vaccinated

If you’re too busy to go to the doctor to get vaccinated well into November, it’s easy to forget about the vaccine until the following year. Some may think that if the flu season is almost over, there is no point in getting vaccinated.

Who should and who shouldn’t get a flu shot?

Finally, the CDC recommends that everyone should get a flu shot, especially those most at risk: the elderly, children under the age of two, pregnant women, and those with chronic conditions.



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