Will COVID-19 become an endemic disease?

Endemic potential of COVID-19

Shaman published a study in the journal Science exploring the potential for SARS-COV-2 to become endemic. In research, the professor identifies the crucial factors that cause a pathogen to establish itself in a population.

Vaccine effectiveness

Among the elements that can define whether COVID-19 will be endemic is the emergence of vaccines. Now, can humanity have a really effective vaccine that offers protection for long periods?

What about the ‘endemic regions’?

Something that is observed in this pandemic is how certain regions and countries have many problems to reduce the levels of infection. In many cases, these are areas that combine high levels of poverty, overcrowding, labor informality and little access to health systems, explained the BBC.

Inequalities: A huge challenge

For Shaman, “it is clear that this virus has raised the health inequalities that exist in the developed world. It is also seen how the virus disproportionately impacts the poorest communities and minorities. An example of the latter is lived in the United States”.

The COVID-19 virus will continue to circulate

Shaman explains that the only certainty is that the virus will continue to circulate. Furthermore, SARS-COV-2 is very likely to establish itself as a pattern of endemicity. “There are many possibilities because eradication is very unlikely”, says the researcher.



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