Why does Evo not return to Bolivia for the inauguration of Luis Arce?

The BBC Mundo interview with Evo Morales

How did you feel when you knew the results of the election on October 18 when your political party won?

Evo: “The people were right”

Aren’t these results proof that it was time to retire last year instead of going to a fourth election?

“I go back to my chaco”

The vice-president-elect David Choquehuanca said that social organizations have asked that the “guests” do not return, the people that surrounded you …

Lucho has to be the protagonist

You said you were going to return to Bolivia immediately after the victory of Luis Arce, but the leader of your political party, Andrónico Rodríguez, said it will be later. When do you plan to return to Bolivia?

Caring for Lucho and the process of change

In an interview with the BBC, President-elect Luis Arce stated that you were not going to be part of his government. What do you think of what he says?



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