What ties do the ‘Bolsonaros’ have with the narco-paramilitary gangs in Brazil?

The monopoly of crime in Brazil

These narco-paramilitary and police groups — explains Miera — specialized in extortion and in the illegal trade of goods. They encompassed public land, buildings built without a permit, basic food or adulterated fuel. Also basic services such as gas, water, Internet or cable TV.

They impose the vote under threat of death

In addition, the aforementioned groups became a kind of ‘mafia’ that controls people’s lives. Specifically, where the Brazilian State has historically a very fragile presence, the militias impose their rules.

The Bolsonaro family

“In recent years, a lot of information has been revealed about the Bolsonaro’s family ties to the militiamen. Their relationship would be mainly through Flávio Bolsonaro, the president’s eldest son, with Adriano Magalhães da Nóbrega”, says the sociologist.



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