Venezuela: It first received electromagnetic attacks and now missiles against refineries

Effects of electromagnetic ‘shock’

The first are due to the electromagnetic “shock” and stress caused on the electrical systems on the ground. Once damaged and destroyed the electronic controls, then the damage spreads to connected systems.

Attacks on the oil industry in Venezuela

At the same time, the United States is also dedicated to intensifying the attack on the oil industry. It does so with a total blockade of commercial transactions and the hijacking of the CITGO refinery, located in Texas. It also imposes a ban that authoritatively affects PDVSA and does not allow it to export crude oil or import gasoline, derivatives and spare parts for refineries and machinery.

Terrorists captured

According to the attorney general, Tarek William Saab, the mission of the US spy was to carry out criminal and terrorist actions. His objective was to sabotage important sectors such as the national electricity service and the oil industry. Heath entered Venezuela from Colombia, through an illegal trail (trocha) and into the state of Zulia.

Missile strikes

Following these incidents, on October 29, President Nicolás Maduro reported on a military attack for terrorists purposes. This had been carried out with a missile and against a tower of the Amuay refinery.



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