Trump exerts “maximum pressure” against Venezuela to “save his skin”

The White House National Security Advisor visited Panama and Colombia, where he assured that they will continue to work with “allies” to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro

Maximum pressure campaign»

The radicalized stance by the United States against Venezuela was also confirmed by the National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, who officially revealed that in “the strategic framework” of a “new US policy towards Latin America” prevails a “maximum campaign pressure” against Venezuela.

Trump’s lobby
Robert O’Brien

Cuba and Nicaragua are also on Trump’s list

In the aforementioned “new strategy” for Latin America and the “pressure campaign” against Venezuela, of which the document does not offer many details, the Trump administration also includes Cuba and Nicaragua as the other countries that will be attacked.

“They have enormous resources and one of the largest oil reserves”

Trump’s adviser did not hide at any time why so much interest in “helping” Venezuelans, whom he described as “an innovative people, who work hard and have a great country” and who also “have enormous natural resources in Venezuela, and one of the largest oil reserves in the world that rivals Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East”.

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