The fear in numbers: America accumulates half of the cases of COVID-19 in the world

COVID-19 and its lethal figures

While the number of deaths in the world exceeds 470,716 victims of COVID-19, as of June 22, in America there have been almost half of those fatal cases, exceeding 225,000 people killed by the disease.

To be feared: Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia

It has already been mentioned that Brazil, in the hands of the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, is the most punished country in the region with almost 54 thousand deaths and close to 1.2 million confirmed infections, a sinister balance only surpassed in the world by the United States, which registers more than 122 thousand deaths and 2.4 million cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.

COVID-19 in the US and Brazil is still out of control

While the virus reflects its worst figures in Latin America these days, with a warning from the WHO, that even worse times are foreseen in the future, in the United States, far from lowering the incidence of cases, the coronavirus continues to spread with high virulence and lethality.

Dangerous rebound of the virus in China

Meanwhile, in China there have been new cases of contagion in the capital, Beijing, a situation that has already set off alarms in the world, as it could mean a second massive outbreak that would affect the planet, especially due to the relaxation of the measures of isolation in Europe and other regions that consider the pandemic to be “under control”.

350 million people at risk of death

In Europe, countries such as Germany, France, Belgium or Greece have lifted restrictions on the movement of travelers within the European Union since last week, considering that the pandemic is under control.



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