Marco Rubio’s unusual proposal to “protect” Venezuelans in the US

On October 16, Democratic Senator Bob Menéndez denounced that the Trump administration used third countries to deport Venezuelan migrants

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio

Venezuelans will have safe expulsion

Rubio noted that this “benefit” allows Venezuelans to live for a limited period before being deported. In his letter, Rubio, who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Foreign Relations for the Western Hemisphere, encouraged Trump to exercise his “constitutional authority”. For the congressman, that means granting a DED only “to eligible Venezuelan nationals residing in the United States”.

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio

Complicity of the Guaidó lobby

The senator seeks to stigmatize Venezuelans in the United States and forces them to leave the country after a time. The proposal was applauded by Carlos Vecchio, a self-described “ambassador” of the Juan Guaidó lobby before the Trump government.

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