Macron declared the “axis of evil” in the Arab world: What did he do to deserve it?

The world reaction against Macron

What happened in France after the crime

Macron’s next steps

Turkey’s role in the conflict

  • In Syria, Macron opposes Turkish attacks on the Kurdish YPG militia, allies of France in the war against the Islamic State.
  • In Libya, Macron rejects Islamist influence in the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli. It also condemned Ankara’s assistance to the GNA.
  • In NATO, Macron warns that the alliance could suffer “brain death” because of Turkey. He accuses Erdogan of being ambivalent about defending Western values.
  • In the Mediterranean, he equates Greek interests with those of Europe, leaving Germany to mediate. Thus, he is increasingly siding with Armenia.



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