Exclusive interview with Andrés Arauz, presidential candidate of Ecuador

Sumak kawsay or the concept of ‘Good Living’ was the main political project of the Correa government, but we have seen that many of its aspects have been abandoned by Moreno, especially the central role that the State had in the Ecuadorian economy. Do you see the victory of Unión por la Esperanza as a return to sumak kawsay, to ‘Good Living’?

Your profile may seem a bit that of Rafael Correa. The most defining part of Correa’s presidential campaign was the goal of creating the Constituent Assembly and putting an end to neoliberalism and the IMF’s dominance over the country, what are the most defining goals of your campaign?

We understand that Ecuador has a unique situation, very particular in Latin America, having the US dollar as its main currency and, therefore, practically no control over monetary policy. Based on this experience, how would you handle the country’s monetary policy in the current socioeconomic conditions it is going through?

As president of Ecuador, how would you allocate the funds obtained through special drawing rights and other regional and international financial organizations so that Ecuador’s economy can once again emerge from the comatose stage it is in?

What has been your particular experience of political persecution in Ecuador?

In your opinion, what should international human rights groups and progressive political organizations around the world do to end political persecution in Ecuador and support free and fair elections in 2021?

What are the three main reasons why Andrés Arauz is qualified to be the future president of Ecuador?

In reaching the presidency, what would be the first action you would propose to create employment and for workers to regain their rights?

Migrants closely follow the repressive acts of the Police during the demonstrations in October and in recent months, what are the policies that you are going to undertake during your government so that such acts are not repeated?

Ping pong session — Quick responses

What is your favorite soccer club?

What is your favorite Ecuadorian food?

What is your favorite music group or singer?

How important is family to you?

What animal do you identify with?

How important are the native peoples of Ecuador for you?

What does the word loyalty mean to you?

What does the name Lenín Moreno mean to you?



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