Cholera invaded Haiti 10 years ago: The people cry out for justice and reparation to the UN

The People’s Court seeks justice

In this People’s Court, there are representatives of civil society organizations and social movements. It is also intended to demand justice and reparation for the victims of cholera.

Reparations to cholera victims

According to official data, cholera officially killed about 10,000 people and infected 800,000 in Haiti. The organizers of the Court count around 30,000 dead, not to mention the considerable damage to the country’s economy. All this led to a reduction in rice production in the department of Artibonite.

Haiti demands reparation from the UN

“When formal justice fails in its mission, the people have the floor”, stressed Florvilus, who considers it disrespectful that the UN has not yet repaired the damage it caused.

International support

For its part, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) issued a statement to support the struggle of the Haitian community.

Uruguay with Haiti

A message was also sent from Uruguay through the Coordinator for the Retreat of the Troops from Haiti and in Defense of Sovereignty. This movement expressed its interest in being part of the People’s Court to try the crimes of the 13 years of occupation of MINUSTAH.



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