Bukele receives help from Guaidó: Advisers who financed the invasion of Venezuela falsify COVID figures in El Salvador

Bukele lies under advice

Through Twitter, the La Tabla portal indicates that these Bukele advisers are being pointed out in El Salvador to direct a plan to manipulate the situation and lie about the behavior of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 in that Central American country.

Advisers come from a far-right foundation

The data journalism portal recalls that the Future Present Foundation was created by Yon Goicochea in 2008, after “winning” $ 500,000 from the Cato Institute’s Milton Friedman Prize.

Complaints from health unions

Amid the scandal of the Bukele regime, several health unions denounced the president of the ‘Future Present Foundation’, Miguel Ángel Sabal, “for mistreating laboratory personnel” who diagnose COVID-19.

Bukele hired advisors from Leopoldo López and Guaidó

According to the investigation, there are at least six Venezuelan “advisers” to Nayib Bukele and “all are related to Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó”.

Each advisor earns more than $ 5,000

Users contacted the La Tabla portal via Twitter and sent images of the marketing and tourism consulting contract that the social communicator Eugenia Vegas Rodríguez carries out for the Salvadoran Presidency for the current year.

HRW Director on Bukele Links

The director of the Human Right Watch (HRW), José Manuel Vivanco, a staunch promoter of sedition in Venezuela and of Juan Guaidó’s false “interim” presidency, regretted in an interview for the newspaper El Salvador that members of Voluntad Popular are who serve as advisers to Bukele and who are also linked to the abuses of power in that country.



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