Bombings and massacres: This is the devastating scenario that Trump leaves in Yemen

The report on the offensive in Yemen

A new report from the independent monitoring group Airwars was released on Wednesday, October 28. The document offers a clearer picture of the devastating impact of the Trump administration in Yemen.

Trump says Yemen is a “heritage”

Trump says he “inherited these conflicts” from his predecessor, Barack Obama. Worse still, he refuses to accept that he escalated them himself. The Intercept claims that Trump helped turn Yemen into “the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis”, in the words of Human Rights Watch.

How many civilians did Trump assassinate in this administration?

In Trump’s annual reports, the Army claims that “zero civilians” were killed in Yemen during the operations they carried out between 2018 and 2019. But that claim contradicts detailed reports from monitoring groups like Airwars.

Trump’s charade about the Islamic State

One of Trump’s alleged military successes — never proven — was the war against the Islamic State (ISIS). That battle was carried out with similar brutality and indifference to future consequences. Even as soon as he assumed the presidency, civilian deaths from that conflict skyrocketed.

The epilogue

Following the 2017 raid on al-Ghayil, a reporter from The Intercept visited the village and found a scene of destruction and grief among the survivors. Thousands of people were left stranded in a remote location where Trump had approved sending the Army.



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